Scaffold Brackets

« Work in complete safety with R. Désilets scaffold brackets. »

R. Désilets has two types of scaffold brackets to make your work easier. However, only scaffold brackets with security bars allow you to add a piece of lumber on the outside to prevent accidental falls.


Support in 1/4" (6mm) thick W44 type steel or aluminum.

Attaches securely to a nut on the panel bar.

Available in all formats.

Compatible with all formwork systems of this type.

*CSST standards are 19" (470mm).


Scaffold bracket with security pocket

Ideal for formwork carried out at a greater height.

Opening through which you can slide a 2" x 4" (50mm x 100mm) piece of lumber.

Walkway bracket

Walkway bracket

This bracket attaches the walkway to the formwork.

Connects the same way as a regular scaffold bracket.

Fixed footing bracket

Fixed footing bracket

Firmly holds footing lumber.

Adjustable Footing Brace

Adjustable Footing Brace

Firmly holds footing planks at the desired width, from 24” to 48” (600mm to 1,200mm).

Note: Regardless of the scaffolding used, we recommend that you exercise caution at all times.