We offer a complete range of products for any kind of concrete construction, products intended for the formwork itself, such as panels of all dimensions and metal corners. We also have tools and all other accessories necessary to carry out the job, to transport and maintain the material.

Everywhere they are used, our construction products leave their mark. We are very proud to manufacture each component of our concrete formwork system very meticulously. The products must last longer so that your purchase becomes the best investment in material than you ever made.

For this purpose, all is thoroughly checked, starting with the application of the most rigorous specifications in the selection of all our raw materials. We only buy materials of the highest quality so you can get the most resistant products. This is why they have the reputation of being more rigid and more durable.

The quality of our products is also the fruit of tested manufacturing processes as well as brand new processes in the concrete construction industry. Moreover, all is checked by applying the strictest standards. We thus secure a perfect squaring, a precise dimension and a neat assembly. It comes as no surprise that our products are also famous for the quality of their adjustment and the ease with which they are installed.

Our flagship is indisputably the quality of our service. The whole R. Désilets Inc. team is known to offer the best service there is. So spread the word and you will see why we have been continuously growing since our beginnings.

To learn more about our products:

  • Formwork Panels
    Thanks to manufacturing processes that favour precision, the quality of each component and the use of the latest innovations, R. Désilets panels save you time...
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  • Corners
    Regardless if the form work you need to do is simple or complex, R. Désilets corners save you both time and money...
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  • Latches
    For flexibility and replacement... Pieces of hardware that have proven themselves many times...
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  • Cages
    Several innovations put R. Désilets racks in a class by themselves. The back retention bar is corrugated to avoid damaging the centre of the panels...
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  • Scaffold Brackets
    R. Désilets has two types of scaffold brackets to make your work easier. However, only scaffold brackets with security bars allow...
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  • Rods
    R. Désilets ties are unique in that they are very resistant to tension while snapping off with a simple quarter turn, box after box, when the time comes to strip the forms...
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  • Chutes And Cement Handling Products
    Regardless if you want to finish or rectify a form, quickly pour concrete or finish a foundation, R. Désilets tools...
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  • Tools
    R. Désilets products will increase the options you offer your clients and make you stand out from the rest...
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  • Oil And Tar
    We distribute oils known for their quality. They contain special additives that react with the alkalis of the concrete to form a layer that prevents the concrete from sticking...
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  • Footbridges And Scaffolds
    Ladder support, footbridge support and aluminium footbridge.
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  • Concrete Remover
    PRO-BÉTON is an acidic cleaner that dissolves stuck-on concrete in undesirable areas such as vehicles, accessories (shovels), metal beams and many other places.
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  • Sidewalk Forms
    Rigid and flexible sidewalk forms.
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  • Research And Development
    We are attuned to your needs and to do it, we are always ready to develop new products any time.
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