Formwork Panels

96" - 4 bars 96" - 5 bars U.S. 96" - 6 bars 102" - 5 bars Can. 102" - 5 bars Adv. 102" - 6 bars
96" - 4 bars 96" - 5 bars U.S. 96" - 6 bars 102" - 5 bars Can. 102" - 5 barr Adv. 102" - 6 bars

Thanks to precision manufacturing processes, the quality of each component and the use of the latest innovations, R. Désilets panels save you time. Completely straight, each panel fits perfectly into the next one, accelerating the assembly process. Their stability and torsion resistance makes it easier to align the top of the wall. Moreover, the rounded corners facilitate form stripping.

With little maintenance needed and the application of quality form oil, our panels can be reused 15 to 60 more times (400 uses) than conventional panels. We firmly believe that no other concrete forms on the market offer a better return on every dollar invested.


PanelMade of 100% B.C. fir plywood specially designed to retain stability.

HDO 100/100 treatment (approximately 58% resin content on both surfaces).

Precise measurements and superior tolerance variation (t.<1/100” - 0,24 mm).

Bottom edge and contour of each eye is rounded on both sides (1/4” - 6 mm radius).

Top and lateral edges are slightly rounded on both sides (1/8” - 3 mm radius).

The edges are sealed with paint specially formulated to resist humidity.

Steel or very resistant aluminum hardware.

Latches built into the metal bar (all sizes, even 4” and 5”- 100 mm and 125 mm).

Compatible with all other modular systems of this type.

PanelPush the limits… Special purpose panels save you time.

Certain difficulties can be a waste of precious time. Depending on the situation, R. Désilets special products can quickly solve recurring problems. Adding these products to your basic materials will make you more efficient and even more competitive.

Expandable panel

Facilitates lateral form adjustment by offering variations in width.

PanelCompletely independent openings from 6.5” to 9.5” (165 mm 10 241 mm) (variable width at the top and bottom).

Made of 1/8” (3 mm) thick W44 type steel.

Compatible with panels from all other modular form systems of this type.

*Results may vary depending on the type of building site, panel maintenance and the application of quality form oil.