A Reliable Value

By choosing Distribution R. Désilets construction products, you are choosing the best value there is. In fact, a safe value, because nobody else in the concrete formwork industry will allow you to work as effectively and you will not get a better value-priced product.

From the beginning, we have specialized in the manufacturing of formwork. Our goal was not to be the biggest. We simply aimed to be credited as the best in our area of expertise: 1 1/8 inch-thick wooden formwork.

A Reliable Value

To get there, we had to outdo what already existed. This is why producing a flawless product was never enough for us. This product had to facilitate your task, accelerate jobs and last longer that any other product on the market.

Innovation being our constant concern, we have been the first to produce extensible panels and corners with special hangers for easier installation. We were also the first ones to round borders and the outline of each panel for an easier removal and to prolong their useful life by eliminating splitting.

Today, after many years of efforts, we are proud to offer you a formwork system that will give you a peerless performance for a very long time.

Formwork is a really demanding field. To be competitive, a contractor must be able to count on effective equipment.

Distribution R. Désilets is part of the Regroupement des entrepreneurs en coffrage du Québec (RECQ).